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Plot 110, Old Karu Road, Mararaba, Nasarawa State.
Covid-19 Update
  • World 620,000,208
    Confirmed: 620,000,208
    Active: 13,515,446
    Recovered: 599,944,921
    Death: 6,539,841
  • USA 97,895,860
    Confirmed: 97,895,860
    Active: 2,284,152
    Recovered: 94,530,000
    Death: 1,081,708
  • UK 23,621,952
    Confirmed: 23,621,952
    Active: 106,450
    Recovered: 23,325,583
    Death: 189,919
  • Italy 22,284,812
    Confirmed: 22,284,812
    Active: 422,999
    Recovered: 21,684,946
    Death: 176,867
  • Spain 13,403,502
    Confirmed: 13,403,502
    Active: 81,973
    Recovered: 13,207,520
    Death: 114,009
  • Canada 4,233,468
    Confirmed: 4,233,468
    Active: 71,999
    Recovered: 4,116,477
    Death: 44,992
  • Nigeria 265,186
    Confirmed: 265,186
    Active: 3,892
    Recovered: 258,139
    Death: 3,155
  • Ghana 168,813
    Confirmed: 168,813
    Active: 148
    Recovered: 167,206
    Death: 1,459
  • Togo 38,925
    Confirmed: 38,925
    Active: 252
    Recovered: 38,389
    Death: 284
  • Benin 27,638
    Confirmed: 27,638
    Active: 153
    Recovered: 27,322
    Death: 163
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Head Teacher’s Message

Head Teacher

Welcome to Kings and Queens International School. At Kings and Queens International School our point is to give the absolute best to each kid inside a minding situation where everybody is cheerful, protected and secure. With duty and support from completely prepared proficient staff each kid is guided and urged to build up their maximum capacity in every aspect of learning. We perceive that everybody has an essential part to play in youngsters’ advancement and that all commitments regardless of how huge or little are esteemed. We in this manner try to work in close organization with guardians and different experts constantly.
We are focused on giving a minding, steady learning condition where each youngster is guided and urged to become an independent learner, fulfilling their potential in every aspect of their learning.
I trust that our site gives you a far reaching prologue to our qualities, desires and method for working. We put a solid accentuation on buckling down, supporting each other and great norms of conduct and civility. We maintain the Nigeria Values of education, lead of law, singular freedom, shared regard and resistance of various religions and convictions.
Thanks much for your enthusiasm for our work and we especially trust you appreciate exploring our site.

Mrs. Ugwa Roseline Elewechi
Head Teacher