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The school engages the pupils in a lots of co-curricular activities for their general development. For this reason, the school makes sure that facilities for these activities are in place.

The Music Club

The school is well equipped with a music studio where pupils learn all aspects of music and how to use various musical instruments from qualified instructors.

The Art Club

The art club takes care of developing all aspect of arts such as virtual art and fine art In the kids. A well-organized art studio has been set aside for this purpose.

The French club

The French club is geared towards educating the pupils on how to speak and write in French. The school provides a dedicated lab and also all required learning materials for this purpose.

Home Management club

The pupils are practically taught how to prepare both local and inter-continental dishes, bake and manage their homes now and for future purposes. We also have a dedicated kitchen for this.

ICT Club

The world of today is drastically growing toward ICT and there is need to familiarize the kids with new ICT innovations and technologies. The ICT club aims at intensively teaching the pupils on how to use and possibly invent new technologies and ideas through thorough practical.

The school can proudly boast of a rich and well-furnished computer lab for practical sake.

Sport/Football Academy club

Unlike some schools with no sport facilities, KQIS has got you covered with our various and spacious sport facilities ranging from volley ball court, basketball court to football pitch. We have also set aside extra time to participate in sport activities other than the normal school sport days. We don’t just watch the kids play but we teach them professional skills in sports which in turn differentiate them from street sport.

Young Entertainer club

No doubt everybody loves to be entertained, at young entertainer club we strive to teach the act of drama, dance, choreography and lots more once it has got to do with entertainment. Catch them young they say.

Other activities that take place in the school includes:
Reading club,
Mathematics club and
Chess club.

Experts are employed by the school administration to take the pupils on these various clubs. Other areas of interest where expertise are engaged to teach pupils are Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and Islamic studies.