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Covid-19 Update
  • World 177,006,213
    Confirmed: 177,006,213
    Active: 11,989,066
    Recovered: 161,190,328
    Death: 3,826,819
  • USA 34,332,358
    Confirmed: 34,332,358
    Active: 5,284,956
    Recovered: 28,432,182
    Death: 615,220
  • UK 4,573,419
    Confirmed: 4,573,419
    Active: 155,734
    Recovered: 4,289,778
    Death: 127,907
  • Italy 4,245,779
    Confirmed: 4,245,779
    Active: 157,790
    Recovered: 3,960,951
    Death: 127,038
  • Spain 3,741,767
    Confirmed: 3,741,767
    Active: 134,419
    Recovered: 3,526,831
    Death: 80,517
  • Canada 1,402,832
    Confirmed: 1,402,832
    Active: 16,424
    Recovered: 1,360,469
    Death: 25,939
  • Nigeria 167,078
    Confirmed: 167,078
    Active: 1,492
    Recovered: 163,469
    Death: 2,117
  • Ghana 94,493
    Confirmed: 94,493
    Active: 1,115
    Recovered: 92,589
    Death: 789
  • Togo 13,631
    Confirmed: 13,631
    Active: 197
    Recovered: 13,308
    Death: 126
  • Benin 8,109
    Confirmed: 8,109
    Active: 28
    Recovered: 7,979
    Death: 102
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KQIS Online!

Welcome to Kings and Queens International Nursery and Primary School (KQIS) where we provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to maximize their potential in all aspects of education.

The provided easy steps will put you through the enrollment process for you to have an amazing learning experience with us.

The Innovative Learning System.

Following the outbreak of COVID19, we have been made to adjust to the new learning curve without academic compromise.

Be part of our innovative academic delivery platform.

EDUCATION is the best form of development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about KQIS Online

Why is KQIS Online best for my children?

Because at KQIS, we tailored the teaching methodology that works. Our files are very easy to use.
Our videos can be played as many times, if not understood at first instance.

Will I have a chat forum where I can send voice notes or chat directly with my teacher in case I have any question?

There is a forum in the subject portal where you can write your questions. More so, as an enrolled pupil, you will be added to the class WhatsApp group where you will have personalized communication with teachers as provided in Group rules. Our teachers are available to clarify all unclear part.

How many days in a week can I get materials?

Materials are accessible 24/7 on KQIS Online so long you are enrolled in a Class. However, Monday to Thursday are for New Materials while Fridays are for assignment submission and Marking.
Assignment submissions are to be sent to submit @ kingsandqueensinternationalschool . com (Email subject format: Class , Subject, Date of Assignment, Pupil’s Name and Username).

How do you intend to carry the slow learners along?

We tried to simplify our teaching for easy comprehension and also have a follow-up channel where a pupil can interact with the teacher directly.

Are there avenues for me to be assessed or evaluated?

Yes! We give out home works after every lesson.

How heavy will I spend on data for video downloads?

We have optimized our videos for less data consumption without compromising video quality.

How qualified are your Teachers/Instructors?

We have a Team of qualified Academic Professionals who are passionate about not only Teaching but knowledge transfer in the most easiest ways for our pupils.

How will I renew my Enrollment?

Your renewal shall be done in your KQIS Online Dashboard once you are enrolled as a pupil.

How to be an Enrolled pupil on KQIS E-Learning / Online Platform

These are few easy steps to be Onboard KQIS Online.

  1. Create a User Account (Pupil) on KQIS Online. Click Here to Learn how to create a User Account
  2. Determine your Subscription and Click Here to Pay
  3. Get Enrolled
  4. Begin your Awesome and Happy Learning Experience.

KQIS E-Learning / Online New User Subscription

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